Welcome to Onslaught. We are a small Indie Developer located on the east end of Long Island New York. While most of our work is in the gaming industry, we do entertain other software projects when they come along.

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     He She and They is our new learning app made with the help and input of a licensed and practicing Speech Language Pathologist with 23 years of experience. We have come up with a very targeted game to teach the words and associations of the pronouns “He”, “She” and “They”. Originally designed for individuals with learning disabilities it can be useful in many other situations. ex. Traumatic brain injury, age appropriate child, english as a second language...

Currently Available on ITunes and Google Play

     Trixies Tilted Adventure Beta is free to download on google play now. Catch all the latest updates and changes as we make them.

     Squaretaire, our little poker solitaire game was developed in 2012. There are 3 original and fun game styles. It's available on Google Play and in the App Store (iPad and iPhone).



     Trixie's Tilted Adventure has been updated as of 3/27/13 and is free on Googleplay.com. This release has the new tutorials, the Bird Poop Obstacle and some other cool things. If you have an android device go get it!

     Kotaku Australia has Trixies Tilted Adventure Beta on their "App Deals of the Day" page. Check it out!

     New article on SlideDB about the way we approached the tutorials in Trixie.
Read about it.

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Trixies Tilted Adventure

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